The Pope Takes on the Mafia

During his message on Sunday, Pope Francis took a few moments to address a different crowd than those gathered in St. Peter's Square—the mafia. He told believers that “we must pray to the Lord to make these mafiosi convert to God,” in a country where organized crime families make hundreds of billions of dollars a year. In Italy, crimes like prostitution, extortion rings and drug trafficking are still major problems fueled by powerful mafia groups. The Pope said, “My thoughts are with the suffering of women, men and also children who are exploited by the many mafias who make them slaves, through prostitution, through many social pressures" …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I'm guessing that a considerable amount of mafia money finds it's way into church coffers though. Although, this information stems only from my movie and television exposure to the mafia.

Michael Anthony


Michael Anthony commented…

Esther-you seem like a nice person. I think you are right to question where you information comes from. I've been involved with the Catholic church (and many parishes). I can say with certainty I've never run into a Corleone family member...

Mark Edwin


Mark Edwin commented…

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Dhiko Dwi


Dhiko Dwi commented…

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resource generator commented…

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