QOTD: What Do You Hope for in 2013?

Break out the sparkles and the party hats: it's time to ring in the new year. We know as well as you do that New Year's resolutions never just "happen" by themselves without any hard work, but dream with us for a minute: If you could see anything happen in 2013, what would it be? Science finally cracking the code to teleport Harry-Potter style? Your first victory as a world-class triathlete? The world's wide open. You tell us.


Christopher Unseth


Christopher Unseth commented…

I would love to do some ministry with those who have no homes in Chicago.

Femi Sokoya


Femi Sokoya commented…

I hope for people who have problems with their community to start becoming community service leaders all over the nation. Politics are messy, but we can all make small changes.

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