Report: Justin Bieber Turned a Concert into a Church Service

Justin Bieber is continuing his image transformation from a troubled young celebrity to a reformed, gracious pop star. The LA Times ran a review of a recent concert in support of his new album Purpose, with a headline that read “How Justin Bieber turned Staples Center into a megachurch.” In the review, the paper wrote,

Between the skateboarding and the singing, though, Bieber sat on a stool next to Judah Smith, the man described as his pastor, and more or less preached. He talked about the importance of maintaining a positive spirit and surrounding himself with encouraging people. ("Amazing," Smith said.) He credited his connection with God for helping him to get back on his feet after a string of widely publicized tabloid troubles.

Bieber’s gone on record several times recently openly discussing his Christian faith, name- checking Bethel Worship and even inviting a profile writer for Billboard magazine along to a church service. In a cover story for Complex, Bieber explained, I just wanna honestly live like Jesus. Not be Jesus—I could never—I don’t want that to come across weird. He created a pretty awesome template of how to love people and how to be gracious and kind. If you believe it, He died for our sins. Sometimes when I don’t feel like doing something, but I know it’s right, I remember, I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t feel like going to the cross and dying so that we don’t have to feel what we should have to feel … We have the greatest healer of all, and His name is Jesus Christ. And He really heals. This is it. It’s time that we all share our voice. Whatever you believe. Share it. I’m at a point where I’m not going to hold this in.”

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Lynnea Ann


Lynnea Ann commented…

Good for him. I am genuinely happy he is turning a new leaf and it is not something we should expect to transition over night. It takes people much longer to correct sinful habits like alcoholism or drug addiction and in no way does anyone have a right to judge him. His efforts to change are showing day by day and as imperfect people ourselves I think we should leave what we feel as uncertain between him and God because in the end that is all that matters. Cast the first stone guys.

Sam Youn


Sam Youn replied to Parker's comment

You shouldn't expect a baby to walk like a grown-up.


Pamala Brookshire


Pamala Brookshire commented…

You go for it.Swing for the fence, little Brother.

Pamala Brookshire


Pamala Brookshire commented…

Go for it little Brother. Be Salt &Light !

Ana Bermudez


Ana Bermudez commented…

While all this was going on in your life ... My family and I are strong believers and we also believed that Jesus was going to do something very special in your life .. When you came to Hartford my daughter and I went to your concert she cried so much and she looked at me and said I believe Jesus is going to talk to him ... Well my daughter and have been praying for you God continue to bless you as you continue HIS walk ... We love you and maybe one day my daughter will be able to say wow what a courages man of God ! To God be the glory

Mary Bogaudo


Mary Bogaudo commented…

Wonderful to hear this! Jesus paid it all! May God continue to work in your life. Keep telling others about His redeeming love!

Vinnie Adams


Vinnie Adams commented…

Brother, there is no power in the world like TRUE repentance. What an excellent piece of work this album is. This is mostly because you have proven that if your gift is real, then GOOD music will always be good music in your hands- meaning that the degrading images and messages that many rely on to sell records is so far beneath their talent and an illusion of greatness placed their by an irreverent industry. Bravo Justin. Its been a pleasure enjoying this album alongside my kids. Our family has been blessed with 3 generations of musicians and 2 of them Christians. Thank you for restoring the hope that we dont have to give up our gifts to serve God.


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