Richard Branson to Give Away Half His Fortune

Richard Branson, British founder of the Virgin business empire, tops the list of international billionaires who will join Warren Buffett and Bill Gates’ campaign to give away at least half of their money. In a statement explaining the campaign, Gates said, “The Giving Pledge brings people together to exchange ideas about how to be as effective as possible and smarter in our giving.” Branson said that his primary charitable investment will be in finding new “entrepreneurial approaches to help make a difference in the world.” Branson is among the 105 new donors from around the world who have pledged to give away half their wealth …

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John Thornton Jr.


John Thornton Jr. commented…

This is really great. Reminds me of that classic story in Scripture about how Jesus told that rich guy to sell half of what he had or about the guys who Jesus said did the right thing because they gave out of their wealth.

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