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Rob Lowe Is Literally in Talks to Develop His Own NBC Show

If you were one of the many Parks & Recreation fans heartbroken over the news that Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones would be leaving the show midway through season 6, we’ve got some good news. According to Deadline, the actor is currently in talks with NBC to develop a new series. Though there’s no details about the new show’s concept, and certainly no indication that it will be in anyway related to his beloved character on Parks & Rec, we're going to do what Chris Traeger has always taught us—be insanely optimistic to the point of delusion …

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Starleisha Michelle Gingrich


Starleisha Michelle Gingrich commented…

I... lit'rally. could not care less....... Unless it's called "Two Friends Named Chris Traeger and Anne Perkins Made A Baby And Now They Live in Eagleton And Have A Spin-Off Show." :-( I'm going to miss them both so much! But I'm sure Rob Lowe will have a good run on his own!! :-)

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