Robert Redford Might Play Oral Roberts in Upcoming Movie ‘Come Sunday’

Hollywood icon Robert Redford is reportedly in talks to portray the late evangelist Oral Roberts in an upcoming film about the pastor Carlton Pearson. In Come Sunday, Jeffrey Wright will play the Tulsa-based minister who became a lightning rod for controversy after he began to preach that there was no hell. The film is based on a profile of Pearson that aired on This American Life. Back in 2005, the radio show dedicated an entire episode to telling Pearson’s story—from how Roberts served as an early mentor and his own rise to prominence in the evangelical community, to his “revelation” about hell and the loss of his ministry. Come Sunday begins production next year ...


Erin Donohoe


Erin Donohoe commented…

As much as I love your articles, incorrect grammar makes me sad. “Their" should be “there." Just a note from a friendly English nerd.



Howie commented…

Not only that, but there's no "E" in lightning...

lynda t


lynda t commented…

Having gone to ORU, and attended Carlton Pearson church, Higher Dimensions, back when Carman (the singer) used to attend. Carlton was so on fire for God. The one thing I really remembered, was he always talked about wanting to get married. It was shortly after he got married (I was no longer attending then), that he started going off scripture. It always reminded me of Solomon.
That being said. The movie. Gosh, it would be nice to see someone who was actually a Christian play Oral Roberts. Oral Roberts was such a strong man of God. He loved The Lord so much, had such a heart for people and healing (there was the City of Faith hospital he built), and he wouldn't compromise or tickle the ears of man, which is what made him so controversial. People made fun of him because he believed God healed the sick (he always said it wasn't him, it was only God), he believed in prophecy, tongues, hmm, all the things the Bible says really.
It will be interesting how the world interprets the true events, and the truth (scripture) itself.

I probably won't see it. It will probably do what it always does, take a man of a God, ridicule him, paint him as the worst character in the script, then claim creative license, and say, it's only loosely based on the truth.

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