Science Answers the Question About Men Being "Just Friends" With Women Once and For All

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire set out to determine whether or not it's even possible for men and women to be "just friends," because what else are scientists going to do? These questions don't just answer themselves. The study showed that men are significantly more likely to think that platonic friendships could veer into romance (and this trait increases in men as they age) but that, regardless, very few male-female friendships are entirely void of some faint level of romance. Good news for those long time "just friends" who've ever wondered if the other has ever thought of them in "that way" ...


Christopher Perry


Christopher Perry commented…

I'm sure our tax dollars paid for this somehow.


Anonymous commented…

That headline is totally inaccurate.The researchers found a statistically significant difference in "self-reported desire to date friend," but it was on a scale from 1-9 and the average male response was 4.5 while the average female response was 3.9. Since a 5 rating was "neutral/unsure," the real findings of the study are that neither gender is particularly interested in dating their opposite gender friends.


cslm commented…

Props for reading the actual paper! Yay for being an informed reader.
The effect sizes are kinda small too..
This will be a great paper for a class in Research Methods - "so what if p < .05?"

I still think this is a great research study and a learning experience for those who wanted to find out for themselves rather than simply relying on good ol "intuition".


Guest commented…

From the "Funding" section of the study: "This research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors."

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