Seriously, Scientists?! New Study Links Coffee Consumption to Obesity

First researchers warn the public of the dangers of sitting, and now they’re going after coffee? According to a new study from the No-Fun Institute of the University of Western Australia, drinking more than five cups of coffee a day could lead to obesity and may even be linked to an increased risk for diabetes. The researchers gave lab mice a compound found in coffee over a 12-week period and observed the startling results. So let’s get this straight, scientists: You don’t want us sitting around all day, but we can’t drink five cups of coffee to get ourselves off the couch? The good news is, it’s only in large quantities that coffee has shown to have the ill effects. Another recent study found that drinking between three and four cups of coffee can actually lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes …


Darren Johnson


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Maybe it's the large quantities of cream and sugar added to the teenager has more caramel cream than coffee.



Quauhtli commented…

Well, it is understood that caffeine MAKES your body retain water. For very cup of coffee you drink, you need half a liter of water in order for you body to release the water weight it gains with caffeine. This may not actually make up for obesity, but I lot of people have between 15-20 pounds of water weight in their system...and given all the caffeine we drink...

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