'Sesame Street' Tackles Divorce

It's been a rough year for Sesame Street, what with Big Bird being wielded as a political figure and Elmo's sex scandal. But say for this for the program: It's never been shy about tackling tough issues. The show was actually the first to use empirical data as part of its programming, putting months or even years of cautious thought into dealing with real issues that their viewers are going through in a palatable way. Race, adoption, jail, HIV and death have all been addressed on Sesame Street, and all with the help of furry puppets and their human mentors. But one issue hasn't landed on Sesame Street's programming yet: divorce. That's largely owing to a botched attempt at a divorce episode they scripted and shot in 1992 that tanked on test audiences. (The brown furry mammoth Snuffleupagus announced his parents were splitting up. Kids went ballistic.) But it's been 20 years, and Sesame Street is trying again, as explained in this fascinating video Tumblr's put together with the help of TIME magazine ...


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