Spotify Responds to Thom Yorke Pulling Music Over Payment Structure

Thom Yorke and collaborator Nigel Godrich tweeted this weekend (warning, some of the tweets use strong language) that they have decided to pull the recent Atoms for Peace album and Yorke’s solo record The Eraser from streaming service Spotify as a protest to what they are calling an unfair payment structure. Yorke told fans, “Make no mistake new artists you discover on #Spotify will not get paid. Meanwhile shareholders will shortly being rolling in it.” Today Spotify responded, saying that the streaming service is “still in the early stages of a long-term project that's already having a hugely positive effect on artists and new music.” The spokesperson told Music Week that by the end of 2013, they’ll have paid song rights-holders more than a billion dollars ...


Jason Ericson


Jason Ericson commented…

While it's hard to blame artists like these who are upset at the pay structure, I do think they're not seeing the big picture here. Spotify (and other streaming services) are changing the way music is shared and consumed and, more importantly, learning to ride the consumer wave that was already headed in a bad direction. The reason labels are being paid so much more than new artists is because it was the only way to get those labels on board, and getting them on board was the only real way to make this service catch on. But this service is disruptive by design, and record labels are dinosaurs that are ultimately still clinging on to old business models. As those models continue to die, payments to artists will slowly begin to even out. It'll be a very long process, but one that ultimately favors indies and new artists. If all goes well, of course.

Man I really sound a Spotify representative there. I'm not, I just love the service and think it's poised to do a great deal of good.

Joshua Schultze


Joshua Schultze commented…

Hard to feel bad for a guy worth an estimated $35 million dollars. You get paid (more than most other musicians) to do what you love to do, stop complaining. Some of us don't get paid at all. Sure there are lots of flaws in the system and hard working artists often don't get paid what they should, but you do Mr.Yorke.

On the subject of Spotify I use it to discover new music and if I like something I'll buy it when I get the chance.

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