Square is Teaming Up With Starbucks. Have You Thrown Away Your Wallet Yet?

The tech-money world is abuzz today with news that Starbucks (a coffee company you may be familiar with) has teamed up with Square (a mobile credit card company you will soon be very familiar with.) Basically, this means that you will soon be able to pay for your Starbucks lattes simply by using your smartphone and, eventually, through voice recognition software. Yes, the day is very, very close when you will be able to charge your credit card simply by saying your name out loud. Some people are calling it the death of money. Might want to also consider calling it "the birth of making sure your voice is very, very distinctive" ...



Anonymous commented…

I already do this via the Starbucks app on my iPhone. This isn't that revolutionary. Now when the technology applies to multiple stores, I'll be impressed.

Richard Harris


Richard Harris commented…

Impressionists are going to have their day very, very soon. Andventriloquistsare just going to have a shed load of fun!

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