Study: 4 out of 5 Americans Are on the Brink of Poverty

A new study conducted by the Associated Press has found that four out of five Americans are currently facing near-poverty. The research found that nearly 80 percent of adults across the country currently struggle with joblessness and rely on some form of social welfare. Along with looking at how poverty rates fall within demographic breakdowns, the study also reported that marriage rates are falling across all racial groups. The economic conditions and unemployment rates are effecting children as well: The researchers found that the number of children living in what are technically classified as “high-poverty neighborhoods” has also noticeably increased …

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Wesley Tate


Wesley Tate commented…

That's because people don't know how to do without and live off of the basics. This is hugely due to spending habits, unhealthy consumerism, and the lie of entitlement. Marriages fall apart in economic pinches when both parties can't fulfill their dreams and lives with purchased happiness, and by that I mean things we consider everyone should have like a house, car, etc. What our parents knew as the American Dream is not the same for us and until we understand that we will forever increasingly become a "poverished" nation, which I think is more of a mental state than physical in some cases.The kids part, I don't understand as the mindset should be if you can't afford them, don't have them. And I don't mean abortions, I mean STOP SLEEPING AROUND.

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