Study: Minimalist Running Shoes Could Lead to Injury, Ridicule

If you’re thinking about transitioning to those trendy barefoot running shoes, you may want to take a look at this new study first. According to research by the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, runners using minimalist shoes experienced more bone bruising than runners using traditional shoes. They recommend that if you are thinking of trying new kicks like the Vibram FiveFingers, transition slowly to decrease the risk of injury. The researchers also found that nearly 100% of the time, runners who choose to wear the FiveFinger foot-gloves with jeans or casual clothing risk the mockery of close friends or even family. Following the minimalist running research, the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise is now currently undertaking a study on the overuse of ampersands, which may be equally worthy of ridicule …


Nathanael Miles


Nathanael Miles commented…

I don't care how much ridicule I get...I LOVE my KSO's!

Mark Wessner


Mark Wessner commented…

You bet! love my KMD Sport LS's too! The advice to start s-l-o-w-l-y is good, though. I didn't do it slowly enough last year, and I paid the price. That being said, all I had to do was rest and then start again.

Hooray for FiveFingers!

Jason Caternolo


Jason Caternolo commented…

I love my KSO's as well, and my feet love them too. @SnRsVdByGrCe I take offense of that, being one who is overweight and one who 'wear's these shoes.



SnRsVdByGrCe replied to Jason Caternolo's comment

My apologies. I removed the comment.

Minimalist Runner


Minimalist Runner replied to SnRsVdByGrCe's comment

Key is transitioning slowly. After you transition (took me about 9 months from scratch about 3 years ago), it's sustainable injury-free running onward!

Just Kevin


Just Kevin commented…

The title of this article is misleading. The study is basically saying that if you switch to minimalist shoes too quickly you could be injured which can happen with any new activity that is performed with too much zeal.

The article leaves out the fact that this is a short term study and; therefore, has a very small impact on the long term effects of running with Vibrams. I will point out that running in general can cause injury and it was in fact believed that long term runners would age with more bone fractures and weakened knees. Long term controlled studies and observations have proven just the opposite. Dedicated runners that run responsibly (i.e. resting properly or if injured) have strengthened muscles and are healthier, with less injury than their non-running peers.

Minimalist Runner


Minimalist Runner commented…

Don't believe everything. Try it out yourself. I started doing it 3 years ago when there is nothing out there. Now there are choices and transitioning plans. I will never go back - minimalist shoes forever!

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