Study: There Will Be More Plastic Than Fish In Oceans By 2050

New findings by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation project that, when measured by weight, the ocean will have more plastic than fish by 2050. The study says that plastic runs economic annual losses of up to $120 billion due a low rate of reusing before plastic products are disposed. According to Keep America Beautiful, Americans produced more than 30 million tons of plastic in 2009 and recovered only 2 million tons. And, since the economy of plastic is largely linear, disposable plastics end up in oceans and landfills, slowly degrading and harming nearby wildlife. In a news release, Dominic Waughray of the World Economic Forum said:

"This report demonstrates the importance of triggering a revolution in the plastics industrial ecosystem and is a first step to showing how to transform the way plastics move through our economy. To move from insight to large scale action, it is clear that no one actor can work on this alone; the public, private sector and civil society all need to mobilize in order to capture the opportunity of the new circular plastics economy.”

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Joe Olachea III


Joe Olachea III commented…

The church needs to be at the forefront of issues like these (among the many others we should be involved in). Jesus' Gospel is bigger than just our personal salvation. It involves a whole new way of living. Adam and Eve were created to be rulers over Creation. Humanity's role still consists of this rulership. As rulers, they were responsible to be caretakers of the garden and to represent God's loving rule over Creation. Jesus (the new Adam) restores the role of the original human. He has renewed the image of God in us in his life, death, and resurrection. As image bearers, we must take care of the world God has made and show others and even creation itself what it's like to be under the reign of God. Thanks for posting this study - it may or may not be completely true, but it is true that the Church needs to be active in protecting and taking care of the world.

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