A Stunning Look Inside Brazil’s Protests

Brazilian photojournalist Michel de Souza has created this breathtaking, first-person video of the protests that are currently raging across Brazil. What started as a demonstration to express anger over rising bus fares has turned into massive street protests challenging the government, that is seen as spending huge amounts of money on projects like the World Cup and the coming Olympics, instead of social services. As viewers can see in the street-level view from the video, the protests have taken a violent turn as riot police have begun using tear gas to disperse crowds …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I hope everyone stays safe and that protests remain peaceful. Situations like this escalate so quickly.
It's quite the emotional video.

Michelle Polk


Michelle Polk commented…

This is the country that has currently brought in a lot of educators to handle the load of prostitutes that want to learn English so they can know how to please their customers! I think the people need to protest and be up in arms about some deeper issues other higher bus fares.

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