Teenager Sells App Start-Up for $30 Million

Two years ago Nick D’Aloisio was just a high school student with an idea for an iPhone app, trying to learn programming code. Today, the now-17 year-old is worth tens of millions of dollars. It was confirmed yesterday that D’Alosisio has sold his start-up company, the maker of the auto-summarizing app Summly, to Yahoo! for the sum of $30 million.

Along with the cash, D’Aloisio has also accepted a job with the Internet giant, where he will help create new ideas for the company’s mobile division. Congrats on the success Nick, and good luck at the new job. Being a high-school student in England who is still taking classes, we hope everything works out at Yahoo!. We hear they have a pretty strict work-from-home policy these days …

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Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Any word as to how to train your children to follow suit? Because I'd sure like it if one of my kids did.


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