There Is Obviously More to This Story About a Cat Mayor

Stubbs, a cat, has been the mayor of a small Alaskan town for 15 years. Apparently, he won the candidacy through write-in votes a decade and a half ago during an election year with particularly unpopular human candidates, and nobody has found either the heart or the brains to challenge his mayorship since. Now, stop the presses. Sun News, which broke this story, does not go into any details about how a Stubbs—an animal—has gone about performing his daily mayoral duties or why anyone thought electing a cat to be mayor seemed like a good idea. When reached for comment, Mayor Stubbs looked lazily at reporters, blinked slowly, and then laid down on top of their feet ...



Reborneagle commented…

Stubbs for President 2012!


Anonymous commented…

The town council meetings would be so awesome!
"Mayor Stubbs, I'd like to propose the building of a new strip mall."

John Rader


John Rader commented…

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