This Time, Canada Has Gone Too Far

First the Monopoly iron game piece … now this?! Officials in Canada have officially stopped distributing its iconic penny in its next step to completely eradicate the coin. The delightful maple-leaf-adorned coins will be collected and melted down in a plot by the notorious organization known as the “Royal Canadian Mint.” This group of copper-haters has informed retailers that they are to round transactions to the nearest five-cent increment and no longer accept the Canadian penny …


Dan Donkers


Dan Donkers commented…

I think the biggest shock will be when people realize their Tim Hortons bill is being rounded up by 2 cents. I'm Canadian, and it shocked me!



Rachel commented…

Items ending in 1, 2, 6, or 7 will be rounded down to the nearest nickel though too. Overall it's a neutral change.

Michael Lettner


Michael Lettner commented…

I hope the US follows soon and gets rid of the penny. What is it really good for?



nick commented…

All this AND we haven't had Saturday mail delivery since February 1st, 1969. We're really setting the trends up here.

Rebecca Barnfield


Rebecca Barnfield commented…

Experts say that the move will save the nation $11 million a year. Some say the same thing should happen in the United States. The reverse is their ‘penny’ art and shows the year the penny was discontinued. This side features the tracking number and says “Canada Micro” around the edge.

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