Time to Return All Your Organic Food to the Grocery Store

A new study from Stanford University and the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System has not found a significant amount of difference in the health benefits between organic foods and non-organic foods. According to the study, both organic foods and conventional foods have about the same levels of vitamins and nutrients, and provide about the same level of individual benefits. Although there will have to be a lot more studies before the long-term benefits of going organic can gauged, the initial reports certainly suggest that the conventional wisdom surrounding organic food overstates its value. It's worth noting that organic food has been found to have much less pesticide residue than conventional food does, but the Stanford study also found that very few items exceeded the European Union's recommended amounts of pesticide. So, although people go organic for a wide variety of reasons, if you're just doing it for your own health, might want to see if you kept the receipt for all your organic food purchases ...



Gloryhog commented…

Spamming the organic story!!! C'mon man!!!


Greg $. commented…

I don't believe this. Organic food isn't so much about MORE nutrients as it is about LESS pesticides. Bananas don't make much sense to buy organic, because you eat the food that is protected by the peel. But strawberries you eat them just as they are on the vine. They will be healthier without the use of pesticides.

Pitney Jules


Pitney Jules commented…

Lolz @ all the obsessive health nuts out there.

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