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A Timely Comic From Insert Image

Here's a very timely comic from Wes Molebash, the comedy mind behind Insert Image ...


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

lol, this is good and very true!
I had totally fallen out of practice in reading his stuff!

Wendy Norris Myers


Wendy Norris Myers commented…

seriously? as a christian who supports marriage-equality, i'm hoping that more evangelicals feel free to come out as supporters if they know that there are others of the same heart as them. there is such an anti-equality culture in the american evangelical church (i'm from there but have lived in canada for the past 9 years), it's important that those of us who don't hold that view are vocal. this comic isn't funny at all.

Wes Molebash


Wes Molebash replied to Wendy Norris Myers's comment

Thanks for the feedback, Wendy!

I'm not saying people should be silent, I just don't think social media - especially Facebook - is the best platform for fiery discussions on these hot topics. More often than not, people end up making themselves look like jerks and they clog up FB news feeds and Twitter timelines with unintelligible vitriol. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Chance M


Chance M replied to Wes Molebash's comment

I think regardless of whether or not FB is a place to discuss such issues (and I agree that it usually isn't), the comic is still funny because someone, somewhere, has the attitude of the blonde guy.

Bill Betson


Bill Betson replied to Chance M's comment

These comics are incredible! Chance, in the words of the great Homer Simpson, "it's funny because it's true!" It's okay to lighten up and realize the people on our Facebook timelines are silly sometimes. Keep 'em coming Wes!

Justin Martin


Justin Martin commented…

Good food for thought!

Steven Beyer


Steven Beyer commented…

My personal opinion is that Facebook is a great place to share what you believe. Facebook is essentially your personal brand, it's a place where people get to know your likes and dislikes, the things your passionate about and things that make you angry. If people are really your friends they shouldn't care about the controversial post... I would rather see that than another picture of someone's cat.

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