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Turns Out Vegetarians Do Actually Live Longer

Well, OK. It turns out vegetarians do have a point, maybe, about their overall health. A British study found that vegetarians are 32 percent less likely to to have heart disease issues, and they're also less likely to be diabetic and overweight. So, vegetarians may end up outliving carnivores after all—but, one might ask, what good is a long life if it's not filled with steak and hamburgers? ...


Matias Soto Castillo


Matias Soto Castillo commented…

turns out your taste can adjust to the food you provide to it. so you may enjoy food and life as much as a carnivore, even without steaks and hamburgers.
besides, there are other things in life besides food. if you live a long, healthy life, you will be able to enjoy those other things too. while the carnivore will only enjoy food, because he/she may be too sick to enjoy anything else

Lindsey Leanne


Lindsey Leanne commented…

Happily vegan for the past 11 years. Never get sick, never been to the doctor, and get to enjoy traveling the world with youthful energy and passion!



Brett commented…

i have started sharing some stories from my friends who are vegetarians and it is inspiring stuff:

love brett fish

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