Two Dogs Loved Each Other Enough to Get Married

The Daily News is saying that this pet wedding is the most expensive pet wedding ever so, apparently, there has been more than one pet wedding, which is pretty mind blowing in and of itself. But the real doozy is that Chilly and Baby Hope Diamond (Baby Hope Diamond?) got dog married to each other on Thursday, and that their dog wedding cost $250,000. A small price to pay for what was undoubtedly the absolute happiest day of these dogs' lives. Said Baby Hope Diamond's owner, Wendy, "I am just beyond happy. It was perfect, and these dogs are so sweet. It's a perfect match." Said Baby Hope Diamond, "Bark" ...



Casey commented…

one- why do they have that much extra cash lying around for a 250K wedding?

two- i doubt there as happy as pongo and perdita.


Flatt2u commented…

They told usgay marraige would lead to this! [j/j]


Anonymous commented…




annie commented…

This isn't something any pet owner would do for their pets, but it can be a great way to celebrate them. They might as well check out and provide their pets an awesome vacation, knowing your dog has a great time while you are away on business is very important.

John Rader


John Rader commented…

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