Um, Our Heads Are Hurting ... But Thanks?

Imgur, that ubiquitous entity that shows up in your Facebook feed but you don't really know what it is, but hey, the images are usually pretty dang funny ... well, they've got a great one circling today, meant just for you armchair theologians who need a simpler, more visual, more cut-and-dried way to discuss the problem of evil. Good luck ...


Ernest Liu


Ernest Liu commented…


Is it really safe to conclude that the problem of evil hasn't been solved for two thousand years? I don't normally see atheists coming up with new objections. They simply repackage old quibbles, or present logically fallible arguments.

The proposed response to number 1 is a prime example of this, where someone presents a logical absurdity. Asking God to create "a universe [with free will but] without the potential for evil" is like asking God to create a square circle. It makes no sense.

But in the end, I agree with you! It ultimately comes down to trust, because human logic and science can only go so far.



Stephanie commented…

Whoever made this chart needs to read a philosophy of religion book or something and then try again. It's full of faulty logic which, like a previous responder pointed out as well, has already been addressed several times over by Christian apologetics. I suggest they start with writings by Aquinas :)

Dirk the Dragon Slayer


Dirk the Dragon Slayer commented…

There's no Cross in the chart. That is ultimately what it is missing. I think the answer to all those questions is found there. The paradox of the Cross answers most of these objections.

Helen Durany


Helen Durany commented…

The problem with this chart is the supposition that evil exists. Classically God is pure being and evil is the opposite, non-being, and therefore it does not exist.
Headache better? :-)

Kathrine B.


Kathrine B. commented…

This chart presupposes that evil is a thing. Evil is not the opposite of good. Evil is the corruption of good. For example, you can start off with a good apple. But after a while it will rot. Is it still an apple? Yes. Is it a good apple? No. Is it a different apple? No, it's still the same apple. The whole of creation since the Fall is corrupted through and through, like the rotten apple. Even what we may perceive as good is corrupted with rot (esp. our "good" works.) As Mike said, it is only through the cross that anything can be called good.

Second, there is a difference between what God CAN do and what God WANTS to do. For example, he could convert everyone to Christianity using some giant miracle that everyone would have to believe in. Instead he chooses the lowliest, least worthy people to spread his message (see how he always uses the younger brother, the smaller man, etc throughout the Bible. Even Moses was not a good speaker by his own admission.) This is called the theology of the cross. Instead of magnificent displays of glory, His glory is revealed in the form of a suffering servant who was born in a stable and hung on a cross. He still chooses to work that way today. (Remember how he told Lazarus and the rich man that even if He sent a prophet from the dead the rich man's relatives still wouldn't believe. That's how hard hearted we are anyway!)

Third, the reason he doesn't destroy everything and start all over again is because he loves us. He is long-suffering and slow to return (as we understand time) so that many will be saved. In spite of us being big fat jerks, He loves us anyway! That IS a mystery that can't be explained by charts or logic. It's like us saying, "Mmmm....I really love that vomit on the floor over there!" We would never do that! But God IS love and so He does love even the things that do not love Him.

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