U.S. Navy Has Unveiled a Laser Cannon

The United States Navy is preparing to deploy its first laser cannon-equipped ship. The futuristic weapon is capable of shooting down drones and stopping enemy vessels. But according to Navy research officials, the real benefit is cost savings—the electricity powered laser cost about $1 a shot to use; that’s compared to hundreds of thousands of dollars to shoot just one missile with conventional canons. You can watch a video of the laser in action below. In addition to the laser cannons, the Navy is currently looking into several other futuristic money-saving weapons like the ammo-free energy sword, the alien technology-powered plasma rifles and this purple, flying wave-runner thing




Smoothee commented…

Nice nerd reference at the end :)

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Man, countries sure spend a lot of money on drones and stuff, only to have them shot down by lasers! At least the laser is cheap though.


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