U.S. Sends Bombers to Korean Peninsula on ‘Deterrence Mission’

The United States has flown two of the military’s most highly advanced stealth bombers to the Korean Peninsula on what they are calling an "extended deterrence mission". The nuclear-capable planes will drop dummy bombs, in what is essentially a warning to North Korea.

The reclusive military regime in North Korea has recently released a series of cryptic (and often comically bad) videos, depicting everything from an exploding Capital Building, to invasions of South Korea and the United States. The nation’s young dictator, Kim Jong Un, is seen as increasingly unpredictable. He recently defied U.N. regulations and drew international criticism by engaging in extended nuclear weapons testing …

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Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

This guy is crazy. We should be surprised he does and will do more crazy things. We need to be praying for the people of North Korea who are dying under their leadership.


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