Very Badminton, Indeed

Several Olympic women's badminton players are being investigated for throwing their matches, after being accused of "not using one's best efforts to win a match" in their doubles match on Tuesday. Four South Korean players, two Chinese players and two Indonesian players spent their respective matches being booed and getting lectured by referees in matches that, apparently, left much to be desired from badminton and The Badminton World Federation will hold hearings today. And, well, what did audiences expect? It's not called "goodminton" ...

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Jason Williams commented…

I have to disagree with these teams being booted from the Olympics. The goal of every participating athlete is to win the gold medal in their event. It is my understanding that a win in these matches would have made the finals round seeding more difficult for each of the teams involved in the controversy. If the strategy of not winning a match helped with the ultimate goal of gold, blame the system not the athlete. Do you think Michael Phelpes or Ryan Lochte are giving us their best performance in prelims? Not a chance.

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