This Video of a Son Paying Off His Mother's Mortgage Is Why We Have the Internet

Earlier today, the world's first website was re-ignited, and if you haven't yet, it's a very strange feeling to go look at it and realize that's where this whole mess got going. It must be very strange for the people who put that page together to look at the compendium of cat videos, FAIL blogs, Bachelor recaps, celebrity Kickstarters and Spotify ads that their invention has wrought today. Is it all building to some point? Is there a finish line to this thing? Actually, the answer is yes, there is. It's this: a video of a very nice young man paying off his mother's mortgage. Congratulations, everyone. It's a victory for all of us. The Internet has fulfilled its purpose ...


David Zirilli


David Zirilli commented…

Awesome! Thanks Mom for being my Mom. Dad, you did a pretty great job, too!

Oliver Queen


Oliver Queen commented…

This is really amazing! Paying his mother mortgage was definitely an act of love and gratitude. You all know how difficult it is for some people to cope with all their payments and how sometimes they are one step closer of being evicted. Still, there is hope for a better future regarding the real estate market and those who want to convince themselves should check out this source Everyone can find affordable buying or renting offers, they just have to look in the right place.

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