Video Threatens a Dangerous New Wave of Linsanity

It was touch-and-go for a few months there, but it looks like the nation is finally coming back from the dangerous outbreak of Linsanity that brought to the the brink of total Linstinction. Jeremy Lin has been quarantined away from New York City, where Linsanity was at its peak, and is safely in Houston where the good people of Texas can monitor him carefully. Of course, not everyone was happy about this necessary measure. Notably, 5-year-old Naim, whose teary breakdown at the news of the trade went viral. Lin, hearing of the Naim's heartbreak, took to Skype to reassure the kid that the Knicks are still in good hands and, uh-oh, Lin shows that he is still the best and the country is in danger of yet another bout of Linsanity. Head to the Linfirmary ...


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