Well, This is a Perfectly Terrifying Way to Study Wolves

Seventy-nine-year-old Werner Freund is a German wolf researcher who takes his job very seriously because, holy moly, just look at this photo set over at The Atlantic. Excuse us, Mr. Freund, sir, but there are surely ways to study wolves without feeding them raw meat from your own mouth. Or maybe there aren't. He's the expert, after all. But if this really is the only way to study wolves, then maybe it's time to ask if studying them is really necessary ...


Heide Foster


Heide Foster commented…

I think there is a fine line between genius and insanity. To really get results you have to devote everything to your cause. However people like this usually suffer in other areas. I've seen a few interviews with him and he is a strange fellow and not necessarily the most social guy (among humans) but can read wolves better than the most of us who study wolves from a distance (e.g. books, or just observing wolves in a zoo). I guess that is something that everyone has to decide for themselves if you want to excel in only one area and be a true expert (which I guess includes not careing what others think about you) or if you want to be a generalist, socially acceptable but probably never really making any great discoveries.



Skevin commented…

I was going to say "He's obviously never seen Grizzly Man," then I was like "No, duh. He feeds wolves raw meat from his mouth. He doesn't have Netflix."

That's exactly how it happened.

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