When You Stare Into the 'Left Behind' Poster, the 'Left Behind' Poster Stares Back

It's been a little while since we've had any news to report on our generation's defining moment, the release of Nicolas Cage's Left Behind reboot. The film's inner machinations have been shrouded in mystery, far from the public eye, perfecting every point of the story in much the same way Michelangelo perfected every point of the Sistine Chapel. But today, at long last, we have two huge pieces of news to report. Firstly, the poster. When you stare into Nicolas Cage's Left Behind poster, Nicolas Cage's Left Behind poster stares back at you. One can only guess at what feats of theatrical prowess burn in Cage's brow, but it's just as well we don't know. Mortal minds are not meant for such wizardry.

The second piece of news is more important, so brace yourselves: the very first Left Behind trailer will debut tomorrow. Obviously, we'll bring it to you just as soon as we get our hands on it, but you'll want plenty of sleep tonight. Tomorrow is a big day ...


Josh Holliday


Josh Holliday commented…

This should be interesting... why can't christians just share love? Rob bell pleaze produce movies lol

Kelli Hogg


Kelli Hogg commented…

Do they plan to do the whole series or just the first book? As cheesey as the first few films were, I watched them because I wanted to see the whole series. I hope they follow through...even if they have bad posters. :)

Anna Notario


Anna Notario commented…

Dear Relevant Mag,
You win the internet. Actually, you win at life.
Anna "If I get raptured before the #dayofcage, I'm going to ask Jesus to send me back" Notario.

Paul Tilley


Paul Tilley commented…

Oh dear for folk law being spewed out!

Carlo Manuel Alado


Carlo Manuel Alado commented…

Your write up almost made me soil myself. Man, that was a good laugh.

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