Who Says Hollywood Is Out of Ideas?

Fox has just bought a pitch for Bleached, a script that is about a chubby four-year-old who falls overboard during a family vacation, is raised by whales and becomes an Olympic swimmer. Just goes to show that there are still lots of fresh, brilliant sounding ideas out there for new movies and that Hollywood is still a place to take chances on innovative plots with compelling characters. This movie sounds like it has everything: chubby four-year-olds, whales and the Olympics. Can't wait for the inevitable scene where the whale-raised Olympian's cruel rival gets finally gets what he deserved by being pushed into the pool. Is it too early to book tickets for the midnight showing? ...



friendtrilobyte commented…

the thing that is bad about this script is randomness, and that it is unrealistic. But both of those factors are only bad if the story is supposed to be realistic, and isn't. They can be good factors in a whimsical or fantastical story.


RQC commented…

Starring Jack Black and "Mimi" the whale as herself.

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