Whoever Runs Oreo's Twitter Is a Genius

Oreos are great. No controversy there. But Oreo is also one of the rare companies that seems to know that Twitter isn't just some sort of social media platform—it's fun. Here's how it went down. Twitter user @Laura_ellenxx tweeted "Can tell I like chocolate abit too much when I'm following @KITKAT and @Oreo hahahahahah". It's a credit to whoever runs Kit Kat's Twitter account that they were able to figure that Tweet out, but their response was great.

But as fun as a Kit Kat Tic Tac Toe (Kit Kat Koe?) game would have been, Oreo proved that it plays by its own rules ...

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Tammie Diggs


Tammie Diggs commented…

That is the kind of news we need to see. :)

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