Why Did YouTube and Facebook Block the Trailer for Kirk Cameron's New Movie?

For a short time yesterday and today, both YouTube and Facebook put the kibosh on material for Kirk Cameron's Unstoppable (not to be confused with Denzel Washington's Unstoppable.) Both places said that the movie trailer violated the site's policies, and both have since reversed their stance. (You can watch the trailer here, if you want.) Now, positions on Kirk Cameron aside, it does seem a little hypocritical of Facebook (which has at least one group calling for the murder of George Zimmerman) and YouTube (which has horrors too numerous to name) to single out an seemingly harmless documentary on why bad things happen to good people ...


Andy John Albers


Andy John Albers commented…

The link to the trailer leads to a private video



Megan commented…

I just saw a question about this exact topic posted to a friend who works for Facebook. He said " Links to the site were blocked until yesterday, but that was because the address had been used as a spam site as recently as a month ago. Cameron apparently purchased the address to use for his movie's site, but it hadn't been refreshed in our systems yet. We removed the block as soon as we found out that the site was no longer being used for spam. We never intended to block content related to Cameron's project."

Josh Millwood


Josh Millwood commented…

The trailer was compelling. Mr. Cameron's earnestness can come across as cuckoo for Cocoa Cocoa Puffs, so it's not too terribly surprising that Facebook & YouTube were hesitant. But this little "controversy" will probably mean more people will ultimately see the trailer. I mean, I watched it and I probably wouldn't have.

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