Why Didn't You Watch Any Movies This Summer?

This summer's box office was expected to crush records, with the triple threat of Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and a new Bourne movie. But for whatever reason, none of us felt like going to the movies much this year, and that's made the summer of 2012 Hollywood's worst in 20 years. What's the deal? It's almost as if you people are sick and tired of the endless deluge of remakes, reboots, sequels and prequels or something ...



Aaronfarris1987 commented…

For us, it's the cost of seeing the movie. It's around $10 in Houston.


Akcerdce commented…

It more than $10 here in Alaska!



Anthony commented…

The problem is studios are pumping out commercial films without a specific target audience in mind. And with expensive ticket prices, people have no choice but to be extremely selective with their movie choices.

If done right, people will never get sick of sequels, reboots, or prequels, just look at the box office success of Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-man. Expendables 2 is slowly climbing the ladder, apparently there's already plans for a third film? At the end of the day, these movies already had a strong fan base to begin with. On the other hand, movies that sunk in the box office, never had a specific target audience. Look at Battleship, Rock of Ages, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, who were they trying to sell to exactly?

High concept films will only work to a certain extent. It's simple market research really. Why was the Passion of Christ an instant hit? Who was the target audience? It's just a matter of time before we see a wave of Bible movie adaptations. I'm expecting box office records when Darren Aronofsky's Noah's Ark is released. Maybe we'll all go to the movies that summer?

Annamae Knollhuff


Annamae Knollhuff commented…

I can't afford to go to the movies anymore! And yes, Hollywood is running out of ideas. There are few previews I see anymore that are a movie I want to see...because I've already that movie just with a slightly different story line and differnt actors. I'd rather read a book or watch an older movie on my comfortable couch with my husband and kids.



Dedwyre commented…

There are so many older movies I've been meaning to see that I usually just rented or borrowed them instead of going to see new ones. It's cheaper, and I can pause them when I need to leave the room.

I did see The Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers in theater. I saw the first so it wouldn't get spoiled for me and I saw the second with some friends just before leaving the States. I would've probably see The Dark Knight Rises if I were still in the States, but I'm low on money here and movies are still expensive.

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