Why Does Everyone Think Neil Armstrong Just Died This Morning?

If you're scrolling through your Twitter and Facebook feed, you may be seeing a few people posting their eulogies for Neil Armstrong—the first man to walk on the moon and a great American hero—as if he died this morning. Of course, Mr. Armstrong passed away a year ago, but the Internet's got a pretty short memory retention, and he's currently trending on Twitter. What happened was this: around midnight, a few people posted ABC's year-old story about Mr. Armstrong's death in commemoration of the one year since his passing. However, the article headline—"Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Is Dead"—got the denizens of Twitter thinking this had just happened. One thing led to another and here we are. Well, it should come as no surprise that a man of Neil Armstrong's stature just won't fade into history without a fight ...

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Megan commented…

This is another symptom of a huge problem on the internet...where people see little blurbs and fail to understand or look up context OR to research something simply to find out if it's true before repeating as fact. I've gotten to where I don't believe any celebrity death until I see a news article from a trusted major source. So many people are getting ridiculous nonsense off little fake blogs that are created FOR spreading rumors and false reports.

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