Wonderful Doctors Perform Free Surgery for Chinese Woman, Because We All Need Good News

Li Hongfang, a 40-year-old Chinese woman, was afflicted with a rare type of bone cancer that caused massive, disfiguring tumors to grow under her face. She was shunned for 10 years, unable to afford medical treatment, while the tumors continued to expand, mutating her face beyond recognition. But then, as does not happen often enough in the world, some people carried out an act of genuine, overwhelming kindness. A hospital in Xi'an offered to perform the £60,000 surgery on the house. As Li went into the surgery, she said that, "I just want to look normal again, like I feel inside. I'm not a monster and I don't want to look like one." There's still some minor swelling around her eyes, and she's waiting to look into a mirror until the swelling is completely gone ...



ms. a commented…

Doesn't look like cancer as the original article stated, but chordoma -- benign tumor forming it said. STILL!! This is such a blessing they gave her!! Glad you posted!

Gladys Talarico


Gladys Talarico commented…

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