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Would You See 'Medieval Times: The Movie'?

According to Deadline, two major Hollywood production houses have acquired the rights to make a movie somehow based on the Medieval Times dinner theater chain. The interactive restaurant famously combines live, staged, medieval knight battles with dinner menus that mainly consist of massive turkey legs. It would not be the first time Medieval Times has made an appearance on the big screen—the dinner theater was featured in the comedies The Cable Guy and Garden State. There’s no word yet if the new movie will be about the themed restaurant or the actual medieval times. But if the dinner theater play’s plot is any indication, it will contain ample amounts of jousting, falconry, dressage and sword fighting, so it would be kind of hard to mess it up …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I thought Veggietales already did that with their last big movie?

Daniel Whyte IV


Daniel Whyte IV commented…

I would, I definitely would. Anything with kings and queens and lords and ladies and knights!

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