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You Can Now Rent Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft Golf Cart

Back in the spring, Bubba Watson and his sponsor Oakley unveiled a prototype of a hovercraft golf cart that could blast through water hazards, ride on greens without damaging the grass and completely ignore those pesky cart paths. The concept, and accompanying viral video (embedded below), was more or a less a publicity stunt, but now, a golf course in Ohio is actually purchasing a few of the futuristic vehicles. They plan on renting the Bubba Hovers to golfers later this summer. So even if you don’t like playing golf, you now have a great excuse to go hit the links …

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Oliver Queen


Oliver Queen commented…

Can you imagine how great it would be to take a ride on the golf curse without damaging the grass? This type of gear shouldn't be overlooked and it's a matter of time until the hovercraft rentals will speak for themselves. Speaking of gear, those who like to sail would find this resource very helpful, especially if they also like to fish.

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