You See a Classic Sci-Fi Novel; Stallone Sees a Rambo Sequel

Congratulations, Rambo fans. It turns out Sylvester Stallone—Hollywood's hardest working actor—is trying to adapt Hunter (a sci-fi novel he's owned the rights to for years) to be the fifth Rambo movie. Which means Stallone will be writing and directing a Rambo movie, in which he will also star as Rambo, based based on a book which was not written by him and has nothing whatsoever to do with Rambo and, actually, is a science-fiction novel. What other novels could Stallone turn into Rambo sequels? Maybe every book from now on should just be about Rambo, to save him the trouble ...


Steve Jacob


Steve Jacob commented…

The Great Gatsby......vs Rambo.


Goat Cheese commented…

I saw this story earlier today on Screen Rant. Apparently, Stallone was planning to turn "Hunter" into Rambo 5 at one point, but since then he has abandoned the idea of a Rambo sequel and decided to make a straightforward film adaptation of Hunter.

Mason George


Mason George commented…

Wow… This is indeed exciting news for all Rambo fans like me. I think he should stop all the works with the expendables franchise and do concentrate on Rambo. I think Rambo is far better franchise than Expendables in any aspect.

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