Your Dad Ignores Mom Because She's 'Hard-Nosed' and 'Awful-Looking,' Says Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson has a question-and-answer segment on his television show because we live in a world where people consider his advice to be valuable. Among those people was a 17-year-old boy looking for someone to speak into his parents' marriage woes. (A 17-year-old boy writing Pat Robertson for advice disproves at least 10 theories about what a "typical teenager" is.) The boy said that his father is addicted to video games, which has left his mother feeling lonesome and that he "just want[s his] father to spend more time with [his] mom." Robertson replied with the usual wit, wisdom and penetrating insight that is his trademark. “It may be your mom isn’t as sweet as you think she is,” he said. “She may be kind of hard-nosed ... He said 'my father.' He's not paying attention to Mom." That was just the beginning of a lengthy treatise on the need for our nation's "awful-looking" she-harpies to get it together. Sure hope that teen finds this advice useful ...




amandasalmon commented…

That is a HoRRiBLE clip! Wow! That man is out to lunch. I'd say video games are addictive and that Dad needs a conversation from a loving perspective. Maybe husband & wife can go for a nice dinner and talk about it. If she says she misses him in a non-threatening way hopefully he'll respond. Man, Pat's a jerk!



Skevin commented…

Seriously, how do these things keep making it on-air?

Deacon Godsey


Deacon Godsey commented…

We told our seven year old son about this video & what the 17yr old boy asked, wondering what our son would say. He said, "I would tell the son to talk to dad, to tell him to stop playing video games so much & to try talking to his wife." "That's a very good answer," we said. Then we told him a BIT of what Mr. Robertson said. His response: "So, let me get this straight: a 7yr old came up with a better answer than an 87yr old?" "Yep, that's pretty much it..."

Jeremy Olson


Jeremy Olson commented…

Seriously....why is he still on the air? Obviously people are still watching him and I think that concerns me more than anything else.

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