Zimbabwe Only Had $217 in Its Checking Account

You know that feeling when you go to check the ATM, or maybe check your account online, and the amount of money in your account is at a level that can be, perhaps, best described as "horrifying"? Zimbabwe's been there. In fact, Zimbabwe Finance Minister Tendai Biti said that, last week, Zimbabwe hit a point where it had $217 in its public account. Two-hundred and seventeen dollars. That's, like, the nation-equivalent of being a college student with three bucks in your back pocket. Fortunately for Zimbabwe, the revenue started pouring in and some $30M found its way to the bank. Hopefully, the same fate can be said for the rest of us whenever we start feeling like Zimbabwe ...




Sean commented…

Where's Dave Ramsey when you need him?

Ted Deitrick Jr


Ted Deitrick Jr commented…

Interestingly even when Zimbabwe only had $217 in its bank account they actually had more money than the US since we are 16.5 Billion in debt :(

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