Cyber Theology

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A teenaged blogger in Syria is being charged with espionage. Tal al-Mallouhi was arrested in December 2009 and has been held without charge until this point. She was originally summoned to answer questions about her blog, which contained poetry and social commentary ...


David Plotz, Slate editor and grand experimenter, talks about his most recent project: he spent one year reading through the whole Bible (every single words of it) and blogged about the experience on Slate. He relived the good, the bad, and the downright weird. Read More

I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. I'm a confessed blogaholic, IM user, Google addict, Internet junkie. I love the Internet for a variety of reasons. Knowledge is at my fingertips. Information: important and non. Friendships can sometimes be a click away. It’s so easy to find people with similar interests as yourself online. I’ve built relationships with people around the world I’d otherwise never had the chance to meet. Read More