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In a post to his fans on Facebook this weekend, Christian music legend Carman, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, gave a concerning update:

EMERGENCY UPDATE: I wish I had better news but for the first time though this whole journey. I'm worried—really worried. I mentioned before that if you get an infection during the neutropenic stage, with my immune system completely gone that it could be fatal. Well, I don't know how or where but I got an infection. They will be admitting me into the hospital for 24/7 care. I'll have a virus of some sort. I don't mean to be fatalistic but if for some reason I don't make it out of here, I want you all to know what great friends you've been to me and how much I've loved every minute of being on the stage ministering. This whole situation is making be cry. Thinking about never seeing you again. I hope things change but I can't even lift my head up, and the wheelchair me everywhere. Oh well, at least I got the record finished : ))

The singer, famous for theatrical stage shows and songs including “The Champion”, revealed last year that doctors had given him just 3-4 years to live. In an update to his page late last night, Carman posted, that despite the recent health concerns, he still believes that he will be able to go on his upcoming “Live Across America” tour. “I’m believing God that at the end of this impossible journey I will stand on 100 stages starting this April and once again be “LIVE Across America!” ... Discuss

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