On the episode this week, The City Harmonic performs new songs live in the studio and we talk with Dr. Kent and Amber Brantly about his experience being the first American to be treated for Ebola after the outbreak. Also, the casts discusses the impending end of the world and the blood moon. This episode is brought to you by The Great Courses and Indian Summers. Read More

This week, The City Harmonic stops by our studio to perform a few of its best songs. You'll hear two of the songs on the actual episode, but you can watch videos of all three performances below and over at our YouTube channel. And it's the moment you've all been waiting for (or at least a handful of you): The 3rd Annual Nomination Ceremony. Read More

Appropriately, The City Harmonic filmed the music video for their new song, Mountaintop, on...wait for it...a mountaintop. With lyrics that celebrate God's greatness, the melody and scenery will have you soaring for days...


Is there a distinction between leading worship and performing for a crowd? It’s a line musicians and audiences in the faith community have long struggled to define. But instead of choosing a side, The City Harmonic would rather ignore it altogether.

“The best expression of loving God is loving your neighbor, not closing my eyes and ‘loving God,’” frontman Elias Dummer says. “So if the guy in the back row with his arms crossed is my neighbor, I have to care about his expectations if I’m serving him.” Read More

The City Harmonic Performs :: Plus, an interview with Dave Batstone, your Cialis commercial feedback, the week's news and entertainment and more ... Read More