Donald Miller is Growing Up

the Blue Like Jazz writer has made a career out of being candid. But now that he’s dropped his youthful angst and settled down, what does the future look like? We sat down with Don and his wife, Betsy, to see. Read More

What About Bob

Donald Miller talks with 'Love Does' author Bob Goff about living with whimsical adventure even if you're not ... well, Bob Goff Read More

Donald Miller on the Church

The author clarifies his thoughts on the Church and community. Read More

On this week's podcast we talk to one of our favorite rappers, Shad. We also list off the top jobs that attract psychopaths, uncover a very interesting piece of Jon Acuff's past and excerpt a segment from our latest video podcast with Donald Miller. Happy Friday everyone! Read More

Since our publisher and CEO Cameron Strang is on a sabbatical, we asked Donald Miller to write this issue’s First Word. He graciously wrote this in response to our article “Chasing the Dream."

Years ago, when I was a sophomore in high school, I was given the opportunity to guest-teach an adult Sunday School class as part of a Youth Sunday celebration. Trying to hit a home run, I decided to teach on a topic we could all agree on: racism. Read More

This week we talk to author, speaker, filmmaker and podcast-friend, Donald Miller. He shares his thoughts on the aftermath of Blue Like Jazz The Movie and explains his passion for the work he's currently doing with Storyline. Read More