This week we talk to pop/folk/electronic singer/songwriter, Ellie Goulding. She has a new album out called "Halcyon" and it's one that you need to have on rotation. Plus, Cameron returns to introduce a new cast member to the podcast. Here's a hint: he's appeared on the show before, is a funny guy, and shares our love for falconry. Nothing? How about this: Jesse has been called the "(his name) of podcasting." Still nothing? Well then you'd better sit down and start listening, because this podcast is about to blow your mind! Read More

Ellie Goulding

Getting to know pop music’s golden girl Read More

Today's video takes you inside the touring world of the lovely Ellie Goulding as you watch her perform "Explosions" in front of multiple crowds of adoring fans. It's true—there is some bit of authenticity in pop music today. So thank you for that, Ellie ... Discuss