On this week's podcast we talk to Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay about their 20th anniversary and new album. Plus we bring you our Red Carpet recap, catch you up on the week's news and entertainment, read your feedback and much more ... Read More

As you may have seen on Twitter the last couple of days, Jars of Clay frontman Dan Haseltine found himself in a bit of controversy after posting some thoughts about the issue of gay marriage. Earlier last week, he posted the question, “Not meaning to stir things up BUT... Is there a non-speculative or non ‘slippery slope’ reason why gays shouldn't marry? I don't hear one” on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, there was a large response—with lots of opinions. And, as these sorts of Twitter discussions tend to go, things got heated. Leading up to today’s post on his personal site (which you should definitely read), Haseltine’s thoughts were the target of numerous Christian bloggers and writers, who essentially dissected his every Tweet. Several days and several dozen Tweets later, Haseltine posted a lengthy blog post apologizing for “causing such a negative stir,” clarifying some of his statements, providing context for the conversation and giving some background as to where he was personally coming from.

In my questions and dialogue with people on Twitter, it became evident that the issue I had chosen to discuss was far too personal, nuanced, and deeply connected to faith and our human condition to honor the amount of wrestling that others have done on this topic … It was a poor choice of venue on my part. I chose some of my words poorly. And I was unable to moderate the conversation in such a way that it kept everyone’s views with a shared validity and civility as I had hoped.

You can read the entire blog post here ... Discuss

Jars of Clay released its 11th full-length studio album, "Inland," on August 27th 2013. Fast forward to 2014 and enter "Inlandia," a seven-song remix album that shatters any preconceived notions surrounding a Jars of Clay album. Stream the full album right now over at The Drop... Read More

After a long hiatus, we're happy to announce the RELEVANT Studio Sessions are back, this week featuring a live performance by the legendary Jars of Clay! The veteran band came through our studio to play a few songs from their new album Inland, and we've got 2 of those performances on this week's show. Also, we play a "fantasy showdown" game with a listener, do some beatboxing and dig into 2 Chainz's cookbook (yup, you read that one right). Read More

It’s been nearly twenty years since multiple Platinum and GRAMMY Awards winning band Jars of Clay (Dan Haseltine, Stephen Mason, Charlie Lowell and Matthew Odmark) released their debut Frail. Students at the time, Jars of Clay once again harness the youthful ambition and uninhibited creativity of their beginnings for their eleventh studio album, Inland.  Cultivating a maturity in sound with embellishments of violin, horns and ambient melodies that attests two decades of experience, Jars of Clay’s Inland also marks a return to their roots as an independent band. Read More