Q&A: Josh Garrels

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Singer-songwriter Josh Garrels recently decided to give away five of his recent albums in exchange for an email address and zip code (for fans to learn about upcoming shows) over on But, for those inclined to “tip”, Garrels said he would donate any proceeds to a World Relief project benefitting the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In just two weeks, along with resulting in more than 161,000 downloads, the effort also raised $71,566 for World Relief's outreach to the African nation … Discuss

If you're not familiar with the music of Josh Garrels, you're seriously missing out. But you have a chance to redeem yourself because today, Josh is offering a free download of Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes. You can thank us later... Discuss

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Josh Garrels writes songs that span soundscapes and heartscapes.

Yet no matter the musical form he chooses, what permeates his work is the boundless issue of the life of faith. With his latest release, Love & War & The Sea In Between, this Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter continues to grapple with the inextricable link of spiritual reality and human experience.

As the name of the album implies, Garrels draws upon the universal themes of love, conflict, and the space that separates us. Read More