This week we talk to one of our favorite indie-rock bands, Local Natives. The L.A. band has just released its second album, Hummingbird, and it's one you need to check out. We also talk to musician and actress Caitlin Crosby about her organization, "The Giving Keys," aimed at getting people out of homelessness through the power of recycled keys. Plus, Cameron scares the neighborhood hoodlums, we unpack the future of 3-D printers and then dissect the quality of your mixtapes. Read More

Local Natives, 'Hummingbird'

The indie break-out band’s sophomore album soars to new heights. Read More

If you're into great music accompanied by a collection of unrelated and unexplained images (spacemen, homemade masks, sinking humans, etc.), then you'll love today's video from the band-to-have-on-your-2013-radar Local Natives. The song "Breakers" is from their upcoming album, Hummingbird...


At Home With Local Natives

The break-out indie quartet is back with a new twist. Read More

RELEVANT recaps day two of Lollapalooza day two. Read More