Q&A: Michael Gungor

The Gungor frontman on the band's new album, his new project and his struggle with doubt. Read More

This week we talk to one of our favorite artists, Michael Gungor. His band, Gungor, has just finished recording their upcoming album, so he talks to us about the process and his take on being labeled a "worship" band. We also talk to columnist Kirsten Powers (USA Today, Fox News, ) about the Kermit Gosnell abortion clinic murder trial. Read More

The Problem With Christian Art

“Christian” cannot be made into a marketing term.

When I was a kid, McDonald’s released a record—a bona fide vinyl record.

They had come out with this song that listed out all of the items on their menu. The song was fun and catchy, and I can still sing most of it to this day. Plus, it helped you memorize the McDonald’s menu—you know, just in case that was something high up on your priority list.  Read More

Why Worship Should Be Risky

Michael Gungor on how concept albums could save worship music. Read More

Michael and Lisa Gungor talk about their new album, worship and why they aren't a Christian band. Read More

The Best Musical Surprise of 2011

Gungor opens up about theology, Christian music and their breathtaking new album. Read More